About TBFC

about TBFC

Tiong Bahru Football Club is a Singapore-based professional football club founded in 1975. The Club is one of the most successful football club back in the 1990s, winning multiple championships which includes Singapore Cup, F.A Cup, League Cup and hold the S. League runner up for 3 consecutive years.

Exactly 20 years after the birth of Tiong Bahru CSC, the Club changed its name to Tiong Bahru Football Club. It became the first Club in Singapore to establish its own Clubhouse, a Home for all its fans, members, players and officials. This was the first step towards its preparation for professional football in 1996.

Today, Tiong Bahru Football Club has grown into an industry leader with a strong and credible management team supported by an efficient supervisory and administrative team serving nearly 10,000 members with diverse and rich backgrounds.